Spark won the bid for the Ministry of Ecology and Environment's deal with climate change foreign materials donation project


Recently, Shenzhen Spark Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to deal with climate change external materials donation project - to give the Republic of Guinea household solar photovoltaic power system and LED lamp subproject. The project can win in many outstanding competitive enterprises. It is an honor for Spark to undertake the foreign aid project of the country, and it is also an affirmation of the company's comprehensive strength.


This project Spark will transport nearly 1,000 sets of 300-1200Wp home solar photovoltaic power system and 130,000 LED indoor lamps, which can effectively provide and solve basic lighting of nearly 1,000 power-deficient units, hospitals, schools and homes.

For many years, Spark has attached great importance to research and development of technological innovation, product quality, technical services and comprehensive execution delivery capabilities of foreign projects. It has repeatedly undertaken national climate change and “One Belt, One Road” foreign aid solar energy projects – “Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister’s Office” "Solar LED street light sub-project", "Ghana home solar photovoltaic power system sub-project", "Gift Nepal solar photovoltaic power system sub-project" etc.


This time, Spark won the bid for the foreign materials donation project for climate change again, which is a kind of glory for Spark. It also establishes a good brand image for the company's international promotion.